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Meet Carla

Carla Martin is a life long learner who decided to pursue a career in communication studies and psychology with an emphasis in life coaching and human factor. She is presently at Grand Canyon University perusing a doctoral degree in performance psychology. Her goal as a communication expert, life coach, psychologist, teacher, leader, researcher and aspiring scientist is to help individuals to discover or develop skills to better their climb towards an elevated goal of self fulfillment.

As a child Carla was not encouraged to push her potential to its limit or given the tools to allow her to propel from one level to the next. But because of her faith in God, shared determination and a self proclamation she became focused on elevating herself. She convinced herself that she must forever strive to climb as high as her feet, arms, body, mind, soul and dreams can carry her.

Today Carla has developed a new strategy and technique to help and motivate others take hold of their reality and become their dream or desire. Carla believes that you can only assert true potential through self discovery and self realization. Carla has true talent for teaching and equipping individuals with the necessary skills and tool to tap into their own hidden potentials while discovering new ones. Carla uses her Elevation methods and life experience as a technique that allows for optimum performance in self improvement, self building, self love and other fundamentals which are needed for individual growth.


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