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To elevate you must first learn to separate
May 28, 2020 at 12:00 AM
by Carla Martin - Elevation Talk Therapy Life Coaching
This was my first trip with my first DSLR camera and we were hiking the mountains in rural Cuba, Viñales specifically. Turkey Vultures were soaring the skies above us, soaking up the sun and dominating the skyline. As the sunset moved behind the trees, creating a picturesque silhouette, this one Vulture spiralled down and glided through my shot. This photo is special to me because it was my first great shot with my new camera and gave me the confidence and belief to continue chasing Cuba's beautiful and pho

A wise man once told me that If my desire is to soar with the eagles I cannot hang with doves. I was rather confused at first because to me the doves were beautiful. With a rich white color, they represented love, peace or messengers. After all doves appear in the symbolism of Christianity and Judaism.

After careful thought I realize that the doves had given me all they were meant to give. While learning from the doves I gained spiritual guidance and secured sense of self. Hanging with the doves after reaping all that the doves afforded me would mean that I became too complacent in the position without motivation to move on.

This is when I first realize that I must separate from norms, culture, habits, negativity, friends, family and any other element that does not share my vision of further flight.

This is not an easy choice or decision. However, to move from a state of stagnancy to fluidity you must examine where you are presently and where you want to be.

Elevation requires conscious actions and an active presence but first you must learn how to separate.

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